Troy Launay

President of TR LaunaY Inc. & Expedition Co-Leader

Troy Launay is a certified commercial diver and ROV Superintendent with over 30 years of experience in deep water applied technology expertise. Working on projects for the offshore energy sector, defense department, aerospace, and entertainment industries. Troy began his career in the offshore construction industry and was trained in air, mixed gas, and saturation diving. He has utilized his inland and offshore skill set for a wide variety of commercial marine projects. Troy brings many years of experience in the operation of side scan sonar, AUVs, and ROVs, as well as all the associated handling systems, heavy lift equipment, and salvage tooling and techniques. Troy has extensive experience in offshore vessels and project management from contract start to completion, with an impeccable and incident-free safety record. In recent years, Troy has surveyed and salvaged over 25 shipwrecks in water depths of up to 7000 meters. Troy has successfully completed multiple expeditions to RMS Titanic, Bismarck, and HMS Hood, as well as countless aircraft recoveries for both the US and foreign governments. Troy was the ROV superintendent on the salvage expedition to the SS Gairsoppa, the deepest and most valued cargo recovery ever recorded. In 2014, Troy was a team leader and received a Citation of Merit from the Explorers Club for his efforts in the successful recovery of the Apollo F-1 engines.