Rory Golden

Titanic Historian and Chief Morale Officer

Rory Golden has been a diver since 1976, both as a recreational instructor and a HSE commercial diver. His company provides marine-related equipment and services to state agencies. He has been on five expeditions to Titanic, including the 2000 expedition that recovered 800 artifacts, and has made three dives in submersibles to the wreck site. He is returning this summer with RMS Titanic, Inc. for its TITANIC Expedition 2024. A contributor to BBC, RTE, SKY, and other international broadcasting authorities, he gives regular talks about Titanic on the speaker circuit, but especially likes education outreach programs to inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers. He is the recipient of two awards for his contribution to ocean exploration from The Explorers Club and is the current Chair of its Great Britain and Ireland Chapter.